The Background


My name is Ryan Inman, and I am bunkhausDESIGN. I have been designing and building furniture in my garage in North Vancouver since about 2009. The Artisan program at the Inside Passage School of Cabinetmaking provided a solid foundation from which to start building and exploring furniture.


Despite being the son of a woodshop teacher, and the grandson of a furniture upholsterer, I pursued a career as a Chartered Accountant. I came to craft later in life when I discovered the thrill of making something with my own bare hands. Something about being in a shop resonates with me. Accountants apply basic principles and methods to complex scenarios; turns out it’s the same deal for furniture.


What gets me excited about furniture, is that it can be a multi-generational object, carrying memories with it. Anything else is clearly not sustainable, unattractive, and likely dysfunctional. I’ve worked hard to elevate my craftsmanship to the level necessary to produce an heirloom object.


Being mostly self taught, I have developed a particular sense of form. Wood selection for me happens early on in the process. I receive a lot of inspiration from the wood itself. We have many wonderful North American hardwoods and softwoods, it’s been a joy to explore them. I typically don’t use exotic lumber. I try and make the wood look it’s best, giving it my full attention every step of the way.

The Vision


Producing and selling locally made, unique, heirloom furniture. My furniture helps create an inspirational home for every customer. Anyone using my furniture does so with a smile.

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If you are interested in having a piece built, or ordering a piece from the current collection, please contact me. 

I am happy to design and build in your chosen style. I will help you work within your budget and provide a detailed cost estimate.

I have always encouraged and enjoyed shop visits. I want my customers to understand how I build furniture, to drop by as your piece evolves. Appreciation comes from comprehension.

+1.604.924 9948

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